Friday, 28 August 2015

Virtual Identity Grooming Session

..... my virtual identity is in need of a radical grooming. 

 Having now finally remembered the old email address I used for my first Mixcloud account, I decided to delete that said account and merge the mixes onto the most recent one: 

 I am also in the mood of making another one of those home-made mixes and one day I'd like really to start my own podcast, with SPOKEN parts. yes, spoken. 
 Always wondered why, somebody like me, never have been able to speak endlessly in front of the microphone; or maybe it's a matter of getting over the atrocious sound of my own voice?

With the course of these last 7 years my willingness to speak and write has decreased, leaving more space to visuals and audio creations. 
 My 2 mixcloud accounts now have become one, my blogs will be updated and my last fm page, like THIS page, will start a new life. 

 Or just pick it up from where we left off, far too much time spent on FB.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hateful Abandon / Mars / Ad Undas/ STAB Electronics/Retarder SETLIST

David Bowie - China Girl
Danielle Dax - Flashback
Fad Gadget - Love Parasite
Young gods - Skinflower

Savage Republic - 1938
Pere Ubu - Final Solution
Laibach - Dogs Of War
Knifeladder - Alpha Male

Les Joyeaux de la Princesse/ Blood Axis - Absinthia Tetra
Diamanda galas put a spell on you

Bain Wolfkind - My Name is Poison
Coil - Things a Happen
Swans - Sensitive Skin

PTV - Godstar
Virgin Prunes - Theme for thought
Divine Muzak - Slow Hard and Deep
Geneviève Pasquier - Catwalk